CREDUS GROUP, CO. (CREDUS), formerly known as China Real Estate Group North America Investment Co., was founded in Houston Texas in August 2005. CREDUS focuses its business on real estate investment, development and management. It aims at being a strategic land investor and an innovative developer that delivers distinctive design, superior functions, and unparalleled service at competitive cost. CREDUS also extends its business to research, application and promotion of new technology and materials within the building materials industry, and import and export of the new technology and materials between China and the US.

CREDUS is an affiliate of China Real Estate Development Group Corporation (CRED), one of the leading developers and real estate investors in China. The group engages in real estate development, land investment, property management and infrastructure constructions. With a presence in more than 200 cities in China, CRED has the breadth of experience, the network of expertise and the financial strength to assume complex and challenging investment, development and management projects. By the end of 2005, CRED portfolio of projects completed and under way consists of over 260 million square meters properties including skyscrapers, corporate headquarters, mixed-use centers, industrial parks, hotel facilities and master-planned resort and residential communities.

CREDUS and its affiliates boast approximately over 10 million square feet of residential area in China and 1.98 million square feet commercial area in the US of complete and underway projects. The projects include mixed-use shopping centers, hotels, offices, light/business industry parks,etc.

CREDUS takes pride in its unmatched reputation, experiences and resources in China, as well as its quality expertise, experiences and services within the US.